Working Holiday Visa NZ

Getting a working holiday visa is a fantastic way of exploring this beautiful country, meet new people, and experience true Kiwi life. There are several options for getting a working holiday visa in NZ, mostly depending on the country you are from.

You will find out more information on the working holiday visa options available in NZ on this page, but you can also contact us directly.

Our fully qualified immigration advisors have extensive experience helping people from all over the world realise their dreams of coming to New Zealand and working for part of their stay.

Who the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa is for?

Working holiday visas are for people coming to New Zealand primarily for a holiday and to see and explore the country. Working must be a secondary consideration and intention.

The New Zealand working holiday visa is also only for young people. This means people aged 18-30 in relation to most countries, but there are some countries where you can be aged up to 35.

How Long You Can Stay For

If you are a British or Canadian citizen, you can stay for up to 23 months on a working holiday visa. If you are from another country on the scheme, you can stay for up 12 months.

Most Working Holiday Visas Are Quota Based

There are some countries where the number of people who can come to New Zealand on a working holiday visa is unlimited. Examples include the UK, Ireland, Canada, and France.

For most countries, however, a quota system is in operation. Once the quota is reached, the working holiday visa scheme closes to applicants from that country until the next cycle.

You can get more information on quotas and your specific circumstances by contacting a member of our team.

Main Conditions for Working Holiday Visas

  • You must be a citizen of a country with a working holiday scheme.
  • You must meet the age criteria which is usually 18-35.
  • You’ll need to either have a ticket to travel out of New Zealand, such as a return ticket to your own country, or have enough money to purchase a ticket. The authorities in New Zealand may request evidence of this.
  • You will need sufficient money to live on while you are in New Zealand. The amount you will need depends on the scheme, and you may need to provide evidence of the funds.
  • The work you do must be legal
  • You can’t get a permanent job
  • You can’t bring children with you
  • Your partner will need to get a visa too

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