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New Zealand Work Visa Options

There are many different New Zealand work visa options available. This includes:

  • Work and holiday visas
  • Self-employed visas
  • Skilled migrant visas
  • Essential skills visas
  • Specific purpose work visas
  • Long-term skill shortage list work visas
  • Business visitor visa
  • Entrepreneur work visa
  • And much more

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Self-Employed Visa Requirements

Only certain migrants can be self-employed in New Zealand. This includes:

  • If you have an Entrepreneur Work Visa
  • If you have a visa with open work conditions
  • If you have a working holiday visa providing it didn’t come with restrictions
  • If you hold another type of visa with open work conditions

The criteria for each of the above depends on the type of visa. The import thing to remember, however, is that you can’t decide to be self-employed in New Zealand just because you have a work visa. Instead, you need to check the self-employed visa requirements for your specific visa.

Whether you are already in New Zealand and want to become self-employed, or you are making plans to come and set up your own business, contact us at New Zealand Integrity Investment.

Work and Holiday Visa New Zealand

You can get a work and holiday visa to come to New Zealand depending on the country you are from. There are important things to remember, however. This includes the fact that many of the schemes have quotas. Once the quota is reached, the scheme closes to applicants from that country until the next cycle.

You’ll also need to show you have money to live on, with the amount required depending on where you are from.

These are just some of the requirements for working holiday visas – speak to a member of our team to discuss your circumstances.