Partnership Visa NZ

Getting a partnership visa in NZ lets you come to New Zealand to join your partner who is already here on another visa. The process of getting a visa as a partner varies, however, depending on the visa your partner has as well as your circumstances.

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Apply Yourself or Get Included on Your Partner’s Application

If your partner has not yet applied for a visa, they may be able to include you on their application form. This doesn’t apply to all visa types and there are conditions, but where it is possible it means you don’t have to make a separate application.

It also means you can come to New Zealand with your partner and you can usually also work, study, or both while you are here.

Partnership Visa Requirements New Zealand

The main partnership visa requirements in New Zealand involve showing you are in a genuine relationship that is also stable.

This starts with both you and your partner being over 18. If you are 16 or 17 you may still be able to apply, but your parents will need to consent.

You can’t be a close relative of your partner, though.

How do you show your relationship is genuine and stable? At its core, this involves showing you live together in the same home as well as showing documentary evidence of your relationship (see below).

As our team has experience of this process, we can help you gather and present the information and evidence required by the immigration authorities in New Zealand. Contact us today to find out more.

Partnership Visa Documents New Zealand

You will need to include some partnership visa documents when applying for a New Zealand visa as a partner. Here are some of the things you may need to provide:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificate showing you are in a civil partnership/union
  • Evidence you have a joint mortgage
  • A joint lease agreement
  • Your children’s birth certificates
  • Evidence you have a joint bank account
  • Email or social media conversations that demonstrate your relationship

Don’t go through the process of trying to prove your relationship alone, however, as there is expert help available. Contact a member of our team today.